Based in Alexandria VA and The National Harbor, MD, we serve families throughout Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.  Book your sitter today! Email your babysitting requests through our website. 

Wedding/Event Babysitting Fees

$25 and up an hour per sitter

$10-$50 flat transportation fee per sitter, depending on the distance sitters have to travel.

Games, activities, movies $75 and up additional

Snacks for the kids $50 and up additional 

*Babysitting Fees 

$15 per hour for up to two children (siblings)

*$17.50 per hour for siblings in which one child is an infant (under 1 years old)

$17.50 an hour for babies under 1 years old

$20 per hour for twin babies under 1 years old.

$20 per hour for overnight newborn  babysitting
$5 per hour for each additional sibling.
$10 per hour additional for non-sibling. 3 or more is $5 per child.
Overnight sitting (non-newborns) -Regularly hourly fee until midnight, then a flat $50 fee until 7am. Hourly fee continues from 7am on.
Regular babysitting fee for mother's helper services

($15 an hour for 2 siblings, $5 for additional siblings)

Additional services such as help with laundry, cleaning, cooking etc., add $5 per hour per service to the babysitting fee.
$10 transportation fee (flat fee per visit)

*If the client is late returning, the hourly rate will be charged.

We accept cash or electronic payments (PayPal, Venno or Cash App) Make payable to the sitter directly. 

Group rates available (speak to Tracy about that)
Sitters are not obligated to watch additional children without the extra fee for that child.

$8 child transport (on top of babysitting and transpo fee) if child is being transported from one place to another, or a flat fee if there are multiple trips.

If the sitter uses the client's car, the client must make sure sitter is covered under their car insurance. The Educated Babysitter LLC is not responsible for sitters driving clients' cars.
(picked up from daycare, camp no matter whether sitter uses own car or not)
If pick up is needed, parent must provide a car seat and detailed instructions.

$25 per hour Holiday Fee

$10 same day booking fee 

$25 event placement fee (when applicable)

$50 church placement fee

A FREE phone conference can be provided prior to service.

We will work at community events, birthday parties, wedding receptions, home parties, hotels and conferences, religious events, private parties, office parties, etc. 

$30 per hour for elementary tutorial services

$45 per hour for high school tutorial services

**Cancellation policy and returned checks

If a cancellation is made 24 hours in advance, there is no charge. If a cancellation is made in less than 24 hours or in the same day as the booking, you must pay a  cancellation fee *($25) which is to be sent to Tracy Smith Houston online using 
Service will not continue without payment. If a check is returned, there is a $25 fee billed to the client, plus bank fees.

*Sitters are not obligated to work if inclement weather threatens the safety of transportation for the sitter and/or client. Clients are not charged a cancellation fee if there is inclement weather (snow/blizzard).

*Babysitters must be paid a minimum of 3 hours plus transportation fee!

**Tipping is definitely appreciated!!

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact

Tracy Smith Houston at